We are classic cheese artisans, committed to creating a truly extraordinary cheese experience. Our products are wholesome and natural, just as our relationships with everyone involved in the process.


Our Cheese Artisan Studio is nestled at the base of Mt. Kenya, outside Nanyuki, in Laikipia, Central Kenya, only 15 km above the Equator. We take great care of the natural local environment that allows us to create our exceptional dairy products.

The meandering flow of the Sirimon River rolls down the slopes of the mountain to provide us with pure, untainted water. The wastewater is then treated and repurposed to supply the farmlands that surround our studio.

The quality of each of our products begins with the farmer that cares for the animals that bless us with their life giving milk. We conduct ongoing trainings to ensure optimal health and vitality of the animals and a better quality of life for the farmer that cares for them.

As part of our contribution to the farm community, we distribute a special, nutrient rich blend of feed to each local farm that provide us with fresh milk.

Our studio and processes are designed to leave as small a footprint on the earth as possible. We work diligently to work in harmony with the earth in all we do. We’ve incorporated state of the art processing machinery to ensure ultimate efficiency, consistency and hygiene. This provides us with an environment that allows us to continually innovate and explore.

Our passion and commitment to the earth, the farmers, the animals and the community around us is part of the fabric of the Sirimon Cheese culture. It plays an integral role in our quest to produce naturally extraordinary cheese.


We believe extraordinary cheese only comes from an extraordinary process. For us, the process must be sacred, every step of the way.

In order to ensure the integrity of our commitment to honouring and nurturing the farmers and the land, we partnered with 2SCALE, the largest agribusiness incubator in Africa, working with over 256,000 farmers and 1,600 companies across 9 countries. They provide training and technical assistance to farmers and work with private firms to source milk and other products from local smallholder farmers.

Together, we have helped introduce new high protein, high energy forages to ensure dairy cows are healthy, happy and well fed. Some of the farmers have already reported a 40% increase in milk yield. Many of the cows have also reported elevated levels of happiness. This is part of our secret recipe.

We partnered with 2SCALE, the local community, Bunda Cake Feeds and Sunrise Agricultural Supplies to build an agrovet store where farmers can purchase subsidized farm inputs on credit, based on milk supplied. This has proven to be a great service to the farmers, as it has helped them to grow and develop their businesses.

It is our promise to you that every piece of cheese we craft is the result of our deep respect for the farmers and the natural resources that make our art possible.


People Friendly

No genetically modified, synthetic or artificial ingredients are used in the processing of our products. All of our products are vegetarian and our factory is Halal certified.

Earth Friendly

Every effort is made to reduce our footprint and be kind to our earth. We repurpose our wastewater for nourishing the farmlands that surround our factory. We also utilize waste from surrounding flower producers to utilize in the feed we supply our farmers.

Cheese Artisans in Training

We work closely with our smallholder dairy farmers to support them with innovative training and resources that help them develop their business strategically, and in harmony with the earth.

From Feed to Cheese

We source the best nutrient rich, reduced cost feed for our farm community to ensure health and happiness for the animals that produce the milk for our products.



Khilan Shah
Sales & Marketing Director

I’ve always been a foodie, especially after spending time in Europe. Kenya is full of great dairy cows and there is so much potential to leverage that industry to make cheese worth talking about.

I want to change the perception that cheese is only for wealthy people. Cheese should be enjoyed by the masses!

I’m all for efficiency, but when the wheel needs to be reinvented, I’m happy to do it. Sometimes you have to shake things up to get a better result.

If we want to create something extraordinary, we have to have our ear to the ground and be committed to adapting to the ever-changing environment and needs of our customers. As a people person I’m always striving to figure out the next great way we will delight our customers.


Nirav Nathwani ACA MEng,
Finance Director

My background in accounting and engineering has given me a love for systems, technology and innovation. These play a key role in our ability to be efficient and to achieve excellence. The more progressive and advanced our systems are, the more productive and streamlined we become.

Our dedication to innovation and development allows us to afford better ingredients and create higher quality products for our customers. It also allows us to take better care of our staff and the farmers that make our art possible.

I believe character and the way we treat others is of utmost importance. We are always striving to serve our community more effectively. Our principles and integrity are part of the fabric of who we are.


Shamas Velani FAIQ CII,

I’m inspired by people that operate with great focus and excellence. Through a lifetime spent on the archery range I’ve learnt to appreciate precision and detail.

When knocking an arrow to my bow string, it is an extension of my being. Every nuanced movement and element between the bow and the bull’s eye is envisioned. This demands focus and precision.

I care deeply about the art of Sirimon Cheese and how it affects those that experience it. In this regard I’m a perfectionist. For everyone involved in crafting our cheeses it is not about making a product to sell. It is about each subtle nuance and the passion for quality; ultimately, it’s about art.

We utilize state-of-the-art machines to ensure accuracy and optimal hygiene, but there is no substitute for the skilled, human craftsmanship used to create our cheese range. Our passionate, experienced team is our most important ingredient.