Extraordinary products are the result of great care, intention and an extraordinary environment.

Our Cheese Artisan Studio is nestled amidst beautiful flower, vegetable and dairy farmlands near the slopes of Mt Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, in Laikipia, Nanyuki (Kenya). These farmlands are a source of pride for our local community.

We use only whole milk with a minimum butterfat content of 3.8%, harvested daily from surrounding farms. Together with the finest starter cultures and natural rennet, our team of cheese artisans begin the art of transforming the milk into naturally extraordinary cheese.

The studio is fitted with state-of-the-art cheese making equipment, crafted with precision in the Netherlands. Precise timing and fluctuations in temperatures and PH levels of the milk determine the timing for the next phase. This ensures consistency in quality from batch to batch.

The curd cutting timing and speeds are closely controlled to ensure precise sizing. Once the moulds are lined with cheese cloths and filled with curds, they endure the hydraulic cheese press.

The cheese curds are routinely turned in the moulds while under the pressing process. Together with this, the pressures in the presses are also adjusted depending on the type of cheese. This ensures uniformity in texture throughout the entire block. Each piece is then individually placed on imported pinewood shelves for maturing in the ripening room where temperatures and humidity are strictly controlled.

Our Gouda cheese undergoes additional care and attention. Once out of the moulds, the cheeses are placed in a brining tank for 24hrs. They are then applied with a series of wax coatings and regularly turned and cared for until they develop the complexity and character that truly differentiates our pure vegetarian cheeses from the rest.


The matured cheeses are then precision cut, vacuum sealed and paced with care in the cold room where they are stored at a constant 4°C.

At Sirimon Cheese we guarantee that each variety of cheese in our range is infused with just the right balance of passion, artistry and expert technical knowledge.

In this regard, each cheese we craft receives the unique Sirimon Cheese approach. This is an approach which strikes the perfect blend of art and science.

When creating our cheeses we understand that each technical process is different, and specific to the variety. It is our attention to detail and production experience across our diverse range that ensures perfection in each variety of cheese.

We are expert cheese makers who leave nothing to chance and have a comprehensive knowledge of exact timings, temperatures and measures. Our ingredients and recipe processes have been developed and refined to exact specifications to ensure our quality standards are consistent, and we can guarantee the very best cheeses every time.

Before our art is complete, each cheese is tested for excellence in colour, texture, taste and packaging. Only those that pass our stringent quality control process are permitted to transition into the journey from our home to yours.

We hope you enjoy our cheese as much as we enjoy engaging in the artistry employed to craft it.


Sirimon Cheddar and Mature Cheddar

A classic cheese with a firm texture and mild flavor resulting in a smooth and creamy taste. As the cheese matures it develops a distinctive sharp taste and a long finish leaving you wanting more. These cheeses are perfect for a number of recipes or can be simply enjoyed with grapes, salty crackers, an un-wooded Chardonnay, Rioja or a Vintage Port.


Sirimon Mozzarella

This Mozzarella holds a soft, smooth and springy texture, and is diligently stretched and kneaded at our Artisan Studio to create a delicate and moist cheese in a pure white appearance. We use only the finest milk from the mountainous region of Laikipia ensuring our Mozzarella sports the subtle sweetness of full fat milk. Our Mozzarella works well with salads, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches and white Tuscan wine.


Sirimon Feta

Our high quality Feta offers a smooth, firm and creamy texture; with a tangy finish and a hint of sweetness. Pair with salads, pastas, sandwiches, pies and quiches or simply bake with honey, sesame and fennel.



A fresh, versatile cheese, perfect for use in oriental, Indian and continental dishes. It’s soft, white, crumbly texture and fresh aroma gives this cheese a smooth, rich and satisfying flavor.



A cheese with its own unique characteristics – our young Gouda starts of as a soft and moist cheese with a sweet and buttery flavor. As the cheese ages and becomes drier, hints of saltiness, caramel and nuttiness emerge giving more complex tastes to the cheese. This makes this cheese very versatile and can be used in a number of different cuisines, or simply enjoyed on its own with a crisp ale or woody white.